Commuting Patterns
Live & Work in Colleton                                  6,412
Commute INTO Colleton                                2,340
Commute OUT of Colleton                              7,141

Top 5 Commute Destinations
Charleston County                                           1,789
Dorchester County                                               807
Richland County                                                   666
Beaufort County                                                   533
Hampton County                                                  490

Top 5 Commute Origins
Charleston County                                              460
Dorchester County                                              438
Berkeley County                                                   197
Orangeburg County                                            176
Beaufort County                                                   167


Press Release & Announcements

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Spec Building 2 is ready
The Press and Standard


Italian roller bearing firm to create 50 jobs in Walterboro
The Post and Courier


Meter Bearings establishes first U.S. facility in Colleton
South Carolina Department of Commerce

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