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Community   |   Resource Gallery

GIS and data applications, maps, resources, tools, and more for community related information like geography, crime, history, and climate.

Demographics   |   Resource Gallery

GIS and data applications, maps, resources, tools, and more for US Census demographic content like population, race, gender, income, and housing.

Workforce   |   Resource Gallery

Find insight into workforce commute patterns across counties, total labor force compared to unemployment and employment rates, and employee compensation (wages and salaries).

Industry   |   Resource Gallery

Existing business and industry, either local or participating in local companies supply chain. Focus on agriculture, manufacturing, food\beverage, aerospace\aviation, dairy\livestock, and automotive industries.

Sites & Properties   |   Resource Gallery

Explore major development sites and properties: tax parcel maps, subdivision options, certifications, property overviews, local resources, logistics, and more.

Infrastructure   |   Resource Gallery

Beyond Colleton's vital logistical infrastructure systems - major interstate\highway, ship cargo\sea ports, aviation\airports, and rail - other enterprise services & facilities encompass electricity\fuel, communications\broadband, and more.

Education   |   Resource Gallery

Education in Colleton reaches beyond local, public schools. Local employment resources also includes employment centers, skills and technical certification institutions, and accredited colleges and universities.

Quality of Life   |   Resource Gallery

Colleton County comes from a history of diversity, culture, and care - enhancing residents' lifestyles with the arts, sports, recreation, museums, libraries, healthcare and more.


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