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Colleton County GIS

Technology Department, Colleton County Government 

About Us

The maps and other resources that are made available on this website were developed through a collaborative effort among the Colleton County Economic Alliance and the Colleton County Technology Department.  The goal was to use modern trends in GIS to give a visual story of the many attributes that characterize Colleton County from the perspective of a potential investor or developer.  The end product is a collection map galleries organized by theme.  Each of the themed galleries can be found in the 'Maps\Data Gallery' section available under each main menu item.  All resource galleries were produced by the Colleton County Technology Department, however, the owner and\or source of each item provided may vary.  To view a list of GIS resource galleries on this website, go to the Maps\Data Galleries page.

The GIS tools and resources provided include, but are not limited to, static maps, web-based interactive and story maps, data mining applications, and more.   As a whole, the objective is to empower Colleton County Economic Alliance to maintain, expand, and attract businesses and industry.  The collection offers a centralized source of simple, contemporary interfaces conveying relevant data that encompasses the diversity of information needed to assess investment potential and to make business decisions.

Contact Us

The Technology Department provides GIS (Geographic Information Systems) services and products to County offices and its citizens.  To learn more about the County’s GIS program, please visit our website.  You may also submit general inquiries regarding the GIS program to technology@colletoncounty.org.

We welcome any feedback you may have regarding the existing map content, and recommendations for additional content.  If you have any questions regarding the GIS galleries that are available on this website, please contact our GIS Analyst, Eric Avant via eavant@colletoncounty.org, or by phone at 843-782-4282 ext. 1245. 

Please direct questions regarding Economic Development to the Colleton County Economic Alliance Team or visit their About Page for more information.



County GIS data is made available to the public as a service of the Colleton County Technology Department.  This information is intended for general reference purposes only. Colleton County does not assume any liability for damage arising from errors, omissions or use of this information.  This information is offered to the public AS IS WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND.


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